2019 Events Calendar

A year with the Darling Roses

We meet on the second Saturday of each month, and take a Summer break in August. Our meetings usually begin at 11.00am, although every now and then arrangements for our guest speaker or workshop might require a change of time, so if you are a new visitor please check with us before you come along. Our meetings are followed by a lovely shared lunch at around 12.30 (just bring anything you fancy to put on the table - and about as much of it as you'd eat yourself).

Following the meeting and lunch, we hold a different workshop or event each month. This is when we let our hair down, roll our sleeves up and have fun, so if you want to find out what the Darling Roses are all about, please come along and join in!

2019 Meetings

Saturday 12th January:
Speaker: Resolutions Committee
Workshop: The Jive Stroll workshop with The Dance Studio, Leeds

Saturday 9th February:
Speaker: Sarah McCartney
Workshop: 4160Tuesdays Perfume Taster Workshop (*fully booked*)

Saturday 9th March:
Speaker: Australian Paralympic Swimmer - Elizabeth Wright
Workshop: Music Workshop - Tricia Kyte
+ Committee Meeting  (after the workshop)

Saturday 13th April:
Speaker: Celia Moran - Hearing Dogs
Workshop:  Belly Dancing with Amelia

Saturday  11th May:
Speaker: Sue Seager - Stageworks (stage costumes)
Workshop: Jayne - Creative Workshop - Decoupage

Saturday 1st June:
*** Leeds Wool Festival *** Pop Up Cafe

Saturday 8th June:
Speaker: Rachael Unsworth - Reading the City: A Geographer’s Architecture
Workshop: Jayne - Creative Workshop - Block Printing

Saturday 13th July:
Jo Peel - A City Less Grey Project
Workshop: Ukulele Workshop - Megan Edwards

August - Holiday

Saturday 7th September:
Speaker #1: James Rhodes - Anne Sheepshanks and other Influential Women of  Leeds
Darling Roses Bake Off - The Harvest Festival
Speaker #2: Martin the Baker - Baking Demo
+ Committee Meeting (after the workshop)

Saturday 12th October:
Speaker: Morticia
Workshop: Gin Tasting #2

Saturday 9th November:
AGM Meeting & 7th Birthday
Speaker: Sue Vickerman - Author & Poet
Workshop: Jayne - Festive Creative Workshop

Saturday 14th December:
2019 Review Quiz, carols, mulled wine and mince pies
(**possible Christmas party in the evening**)

Please note that whilst our monthly meetings are for WI members, you can come along to 2 or 3 whilst deciding whether you'd like to join. The workshops and events held after our meetings are open to everyone - you are welcome to come along to any or all of these without joining the WI. If you would like to come along for a workshop only (not the meeting), you'd usually need to get to St John's Hall by 12.30pm, although please check arrangements for the relevant day (as not all of our workshops are at our regular venue).


Typical cost per workshop:
WI members - £5-7
Non WI members - £8-10
(N.B. these are averaged out costs to give you an idea, but some activities that involve less materials will be lower, and some will be higher - e.g. wine tasting.)

+ annual WI membership - £42 for full members (2019 price)

Where we are

Our regular meetings and workshops are held at St John's Church Hall, Harrogate Road, Leeds LS17 7BZ.
If any of our activities are at a different venue, we'll let you know!


  1. Wow looks like a great line up - looking forward to the wine tasting - LJ x

  2. A whole year gone in a flash! See you 26th Jan. Roll on 27th July:-)

  3. OMG only one more to go until July. xx

  4. Totally enjoyed my first ever meeting and workshop on 31 August.
    Everyone was so welcoming and friendly and it's brilliant to meet new people and learn and try new things. Really looking forward to getting into a pickle at the next workshop :)

  5. Would love to come and have a break from being a mum - is it okay to turn up on my own? Feel a little trepidation!

    1. Hi there. Of course it's ok to turn up on your own! Don't worry, we're a very friendly group - lots of our members came along on their own first time. Hope to see you x

  6. Hello everyone, I would like to possibly join the Moortown WI, what time do I need to get to St John's Hall on 1st June? Many thanks Catherine Tucker

    1. Hi Catherine, our next meeting is on Saturday 8th June at St John's Church Hall (the event on 1st June is the Wool Festival at Armley Mills... which we'll be running a pop-up cafe at). The meeting on 8th June begins at 11am. Hope to see you there!