Centenary Celebrations

2015 was a momentous year for the WI. The movement reached its first centenary and there were a host of activities and events held, both nationally and locally, to commemorate and celebrate this, ranging from the Centenary Baton travelling through every Federation in England and Wales, to a lavish Royal Garden party at Buckingham Palace no less! 

As a group, we were very excited about the opportunity to mark this special year in our own small way. We had lots of fun thinking of things we could do together, and also joined forces with our neighbouring WI, Roundhay, to plan a local celebration at Roundhay Park with our family and friends.

Darling Roses Centenary Activity #1 - 100 Random Acts of Kindness

This seemed like such a good way to celebrate what we do as a group, and what being in the WI is all about. We knew that we would all be able to participate, and that it would be simple, fun and would hopefully spread a little happiness which would ripple out beyond our group.

Darling Roses Centenary Activity #2 - 100 Food Donations for the Local Bank

This was a great suggestion from Catherine H. We collected (well!) over 100 items to donate to our local food bank, Leeds (North) Food Bank.

Darling Roses Centenary Activity #3 - 100 Inspirational Women

As the WI approached its 100th birthday, there was much to celebrate. As a group we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate women who have changed the world, changed our lives, inspired us, challenged us, moved us and made us proud to be women. The original list of 100 women was posted on our Tumblr blog every day as a countdown, leading up to the official centenary date of September 16th. We have recently revived the list, and will keep adding to it indefinitely!

Click here to see our 100 Inspirational Women


Roundhay WI & Darling Roses Centenary Activity #4 - Family and Friends Picnic

We joined forces with one of our neighbouring WI's to celebrate the centenary. Family and friends joined us for a picnic and walk in the grounds of the beautiful Roundhay Park on Sunday 5th July.

[picture - Bandstand by Jim Moran https://www.flickr.com/photos/moran/]

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