Tuesday, 1 August 2017

June - featuring catering, canals and still-life drawing

Our June meeting was held only a few days after round three of our annual residency, running the Armley Mills Wool Festival pop-up cafe. Maia reported back to us on another highly successful day - the festival had slightly lower footfall than the previous year (something beyond our control), but the hard work and organisation we put in this year seemed to pay off, delivering a very healthy profit. We enjoyed great weather on the day and the usual camaraderie that sees us through these events, plus some very positive feedback from the customers. A huge thank you to all of our members who contributed in planning and baking for this event, plus of course the dream team on the day!

Back to June, after running through the rest of our meeting agenda we welcomed Ray from the Canals and Rivers Trust, who gave us a talk on the history of the canal network in Britain. Running from the Victorian heyday to the long, slow decline and the happier picture of today, Ray brought us up to speed. Thank you very much Ray.

Then, after our usual fantastic lunch spread - with BIG plates this month, where on earth did they come from?! - we moved on to this month's workshop run by our Jayne. Still life drawing was the game (aim?) and Jayne talked us through how to choose suitable arrangements of objects, and shared a number of ways to develop our skills and improve our compositions. We had a lovely collection of flowers, foliage, vases, bottles, shells and whimsical objects to choose from, and we set about creating our little scenes with some artfully draped backdrops. And do you know what, despite the usual protestations of "I can't do it, never could" or "I haven't drawn since I was a child", a hush descended on the room and we all diligently worked away... with surprisingly good results - no, that's not a backhanded compliment! As ever, Jayne's creative guidance, patience and encouragement coaxed the best out of us. Thank you Jayne xx

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