Friday, 11 December 2015

Our meeting on October 10th - cheesy, boozy fun!

Sarah reports from our annual cheese and booze fest... (always the best attended meeting, I wonder why?!)

It’s tough work but somebody has to do it. The email sent out before this month’s wine and cheese tasting ‘workshop’ advised , “I’m not going to be driving and I would recommend that if possible you walk, get the bus or a taxi, so you can enjoy each of the wines on offer.”

That we are prepared to trudge through the remote corners of Moortown in all weathers, gives an indication of just how dedicated we are to becoming wine connoisseurs.

After lunch and the meeting (not at all rushed, nooooo), we kicked into action under the expert guidance of Helen from Majestic Wines and Steven from George & Joseph Cheesemongers, Chapel Allerton. Given that Helen hadn’t tasted the majority of the cheeses or Steven the majority of the wines, the fact that each one perfectly accompanied the other, shows the level of expertise involved.

The first cheese we tried was Yorkshire Brie. Not a lot of people know that Yorkshire Brie exists. It not only exists, but it’s great. Not as runny as French brie but fresh tasting and mild. Teamed with Paul Mas Chardonnay from France, it was very moreish.

Next on the menu was smoked goats cheese paired with some Martinborough Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. Goats cheese is something I usually find unpalatably (and unsurprisingly) ‘goaty’, but this was mild and subtle and clean tasting.

Lavender Ewes milk cheese sounded intriguing. No, it’s not from a sheep with a lilac rinse, but cheese rolled in lavender flowers. It’s easy to imagine this might taste like cheese potpourri , but the lavender infused the cheese very gently so that it tasted like eating a warm summer’s day. It was teamed perfectly with Luis Felipe Edwards Signature Series Syrah, from Chile.

Harrogate Blue was a hit with all the blue cheese fans and went down nicely with Cousino Macul Cabernet Sauvignon, again from Chile.

Dale End Cheddar was on the mild side and again, very clean and fresh tasting. Nothing like the supermarket offerings at all. Some Definition Malbec from Argentina was very enjoyable and made for a happy match.

We finished off with some Royal Takaji Late Harvest with a chunk of Richard III Wensleydale. Old Richard Crookback would probably have felt less murderous and more chilled out if he’d had access to a few wheels of this yummy stuff and a crate of Royal Takaji to wash it down with.

It’s not hard to see why the cheese and wine tasting has rapidly turned into an annual event. Huge thanks to Helen and Steven for a scrumptious and informative, if increasingly hazy, afternoon.

Happy birthday Maureen!

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