Friday, 11 September 2015

Saturday 11th July - Portrait Photography & Celebration of Frida Kahlo

Debbie gives us the lowdown on our July meeting and workshop...

As we arrived Jayne and Emily whisked us away and dressed our hair with ribbons and flowers in the style of Frida.

Following the very short meeting we gathered around to listen to Jayne talk about the life, times and work of Frida Kahlo. Jayne, like many of us, has a keen interest in Frida. Her presentation was very moving and celebrated her superbly. Plus her Spanish was magnifico. Plus we were delighted to welcome back Morticia, who delivered a talk on her favourite portrait photographers, including artists such as Julia Margaret Cameron, Madame Yevonde Middleton and Jane Brown.

Trish has successfully finished her Thread of Life embroidery, which is going to be sent off to be part of the Thread of Life project for the Bank Street Art Gallery. Trish talked us through how she had approached the work and how she had chosen the theme and colours. She had used our group as an inspiration, which touched us all deeply. The piece is lovely and will be on display from November 2015.

Following lunch Morticia talked us through how to use lights and board reflectors to get more out of our portraits and was on hand to give advice to individuals. Inspired by the two presentations we went about creating our own Frida influenced portraits. Take a look...

This has been such a wonderful meeting, and I only hope we can theme another Frida workshop in the future.

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