Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A new string to our bow! Our pop-up cafe at Armley Mills Wool Festival

Check out the whole story at Handmade by Maia

On Saturday 7th June we ticked another thing off the official list of 'Things That All WI's Should Do In Order To Carry The Name With Pride And Just, Generally, Be Legit'.

We only went and catered at the Wool Festival at Armley Mills! All day! Just us! ALL of the food and drink was supplied by us! OK, I'll try to calm down now and stop type-shouting. Earlier this year, our member Maia DaGuerre suggested that we undertake this worthy challenge - in large part as a thank you to Armley Mills who graciously hosted our meeting and workshop in January. Maia and Ally Smith (another of our lovely members) made a gargantuan effort leading up to the day, and were joined by many more of us on Saturday who baked (practically through the night in some cases!) and served long hours in our sweatshop tea room. As well as Maia and Ally, thank you times a million goes to Debbie, Jayne, Catherine, Val, Sarah, Margaret, Sally, Fran, Trish, Lynn, Emily, Trina and Andrea (please have words with me if I've forgotten anyone, which I am bound to have). Plus an honourable mention goes to our Audrey who was leading workshops all day at the festival, like an absolute trooper after an enjoyable but tiring three days in London as part of the WYFWI trip to the NFWI AGM at Albert Hall.

I think that Maia and Ally are still in recovery - ice baths, massages and intensive therapy - but Maia has come round enough to tell the whole story on her blog, which we would love you to go and read now. So grab your drink of choice and settle down over at Handmade by Maia

Thank you Maia, Ally and the whole team for a great effort, and thank you Maia for sharing your blog post with us xx

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