Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Celebrating the Cherry Blossom Season with the Darling Roses

Our own Kate Langwick takes a turn reporting on our meeting held last Saturday...

So today at Darling Roses WI we were treated to a taste of the Oriental, with Katie Chaplin from

Katie has trained extensively in Japan to learn how to dress people in Kimonos, and today treated the Roses to a demonstration, with the help of the lovely (and ever so slightly excited) Jayne.

Now there are so many steps involved that I have to admit I could not take it all in, so below you will see a photo montage showing just some of the steps that resulted in a fully-Kimono’d and very glamorous looking Rose! Even the underwear was glamorous, and coupled with the incredibly detailed talk from Katie I think we were all enthralled.

Of course, once Katie had done her thing and we’d all had a chance to indulge in some Japanese Fabric shopping, we got down to the serious business of some epic paper folding, aka, Origami! The beautiful Jayne and Emily led us through the world of Butterflies, Boxes and Cranes, my haul was relatively modest compared to some!!

And finally, a huge thank you to the ladies of the Darling Roses who took time to check the vintage sewing patterns we had donated! The complete ones can now be sold on eBay to help fund our Denman Bursary!

There’s still time to apply for that Denman Bursary, if you’re a fully paid-up member and you want to apply for up to £150 towards a course of your choice at the amazing Denman College then get in touch with a member of the committee and we’ll make sure you’re included when we make the draw.

That’s it for this month, hope to see you all next month for all things Bollywood!

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