Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Saturday 22nd November - We turned 2, and celebrated with glue, glitter, cake and fireworks!

Hello! This time we have a guest post from Sarah - thank you for your unique take on last Saturday's proceedings Ms Glynn! Over to you...

Today was our second birthday and we have officially entered our Terrible Two's. We can walk fairly steadily, say 'No' and 'Go away' and don't need our bottles at bedtime any more (well, not THAT sort of bottle anyhow).

So to celebrate this momentous event, was there a champagne breakfast in bed, something shiny from Tiffany to unwrap and a surprise party? Well no, but there was mulled wine, Jayne's totally inspired Darling Roses cupcakes, and a chocolate gateau that must have taken the Spar forecourt shop staff an age to make and decorate. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, there were fireworks. Because a birthday wouldn't be a birthday without a bit of shock and awe.

We didn't let birthday excitement get in the way of having a meeting, even though we could have probably been excused, what with it being such a special day. We managed to fit in a discussion about how best to celebrate the WI's Centenary. Do we go down the 'days of yore' route and loiter outside the Moortown M&S in Edwardian frocks, yowling 'Jerusalem' and rattling jam jars, or do we embrace the Zeitgeist, dress in Zara and put on a display of pilates and knife skills? Or do we do both? Or neither? Well, the conclusion was, we aren't sure either yet, but when the time comes, we'll do something totally excellent.

After lunch we started this month's workshop. At this point I'd like to ask you to decide what you would do with the following. Approx: 30 glue sticks, 200 sheets of patterned paper, a box of scissors, pencils, stencils, stiff card and loads of glitter?
a) Sort everything into size and colour order.
b) Using a combination of Jayne's help, creativity and ninja like cutting skills, make a state of the art paper Christmas decoration.
c) Scream and run out the room.
If you've had a really stressful week you probably chose a) and/or c). If you were full of sandwiches, buns and unresolved issues around never getting to be a Blue Peter presenter, you probably chose b).

The result was a batch of wreaths, baubles, cards, stars, snowflakes, advent calender bunting and some 'work-in-progress' stags heads that all looked pretty amazing. And in the case of the stags heads - will look pretty amazing.

For those who just couldn't bear the thought of the party coming to an end, there was a birthday meal at Pizza Express in the evening. Was there a huge ice-cream with a sparkler in? Was there more cake? Were there drunken shenanigans? We'll let you know.

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  1. Awesome post Sarah, I'm sorry to have missed it!