Friday, 29 August 2014

Saturday 28th June - The Roses at Harlow Carr

It seems like a long time ago now (summer's flown!) but let's look back to the end of June and our meeting at Harlow Carr Gardens in Harrogate. Our June workshop was a repeat of last year's hanging baskets, and this year we were lucky enough to make them in the stunning surroundings of the RHS gardens at Harlow Carr. It was actually a great opportunity to see the gardens in early Summer, when everything was beautiful, fresh and blooming.

Before we got down to business with our baskets we held our usual meeting first, in a very nice room set aside for us in the swish Learning Centre.  We ran through a bit of a pared down agenda (this was mostly a day out for us, after all!) and then settled down for a talk from our guest speaker, Dr Eleanor, a GP who'd kindly joined us to talk about women's health issues. There was a fair bit of giggling and groaning as we lamented what lies in store for us girls as we age - one or two uttered comments like "well that's me done for then" or "I'll book myself into Dignitas now" (we all deal with these things in different ways don't we?!) - but hopefully Dr Eleanor knew that we really appreciated her visit, and we do know that information is always a good thing!! A big thank you to the doctor, and we hope that she enjoyed her visit - we did let her make a hanging basket with us after, we're that generous.

Once the making of the baskets got under way, it was the usual mad free-for-all that these events always seem to be. Frantic bagging of plants... more mess than we could have imagined... not helped by the fact that many of the plants were entombed in polystyrene that literally had to be smashed up to get the goods out. Yes, we trashed the place, but you wouldn't have known it after the clean-up, honest. We all produced a pretty basket in double-quick time, and then enjoyed a walk around the gardens together. We even managed a sit down with a Betty's ice cream.

Special mention has to be made of Val Codling, who revealed herself as 'The Mad Bird Lady of Moortown' after showing up to the meeting with a tiny, scrawny, unidentified nestling, which she carried around with her all day in a woollen beanie hat lined with a piece of feather boa! She devotedly fed the little tweeter worms and offered drops of water from a tiny paint brush every half hour, prompted by her phone alarm. Crazy, but very nice, lady!

Since June we've had a bit of a Summer hiatus, but we'll be back at our church hall on Saturday 30th August with a packed programme - two speakers, plus cheese-tasting with Hayley & Clifford and (the one that everyone's been waiting for) wine-tasting courtesy of Majestic Wines. Can't wait!

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