Friday, 30 May 2014

Friday 28th March - Life Drawing Class

Well, if you weren't there on the night, and I told you that our tools included bread and huge paper discs, would you be able to guess where they came into play? The night started with that all-important glass of wine, and then we got our sketch stations set up.

Jayne started the session off with an excellent prep talk about how we are all GOOD at art and it’s our inner negativity that tells us we can’t draw. As she rallied us into a state of ‘can do’, Jayne explained how we would work through a number of different exercises to reawaken our inner artists and remind our brains how to draw. As you can imagine the room was a little chilly, but Suki was a trooper and said that she had worked in much harsher conditions.

Before we knew it, Suki was on all fours and we were tracing her outer lines in one continuous line, using a pencil with a huge paper disc on the end to prevent us from looking at what we had drawn. This exercise was truly enlightening; everyone was surprised at what they produced, although my own efforts resembled a young Elvis Presley and not Suki. Wine and snacks kept us all sustained as we worked on sketch after sketch. It was fast paced and most of us could see the progress we had made in such a short period of time. Some efforts were really stunning and captured the moment, others looked beautiful and some were very abstract. Jayne was a supportive and encouraging teacher who brought the best / something out in all of us and Suki was truly amazing, much more than just a naked woman in the room. She was inspiring and created shapes and lines that were simply wonderful to draw.

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