Friday, 28 March 2014

October to December 2013 - a bit of a round-up!

Hello again. Well, it's been a little while... but just because there's been nothing new on the blog, that doesn't mean we've been idle all this time. There's a lot to report back on, so I'll start with a bit of a round-up on what we did in the last couple of months of 2013.

On October 26th, our usual monthly meeting was beefed up slightly and became our Annual Meeting - fanfare please! We presented our Annual Report and Accounts to our members, and this was a good chance to look back together and reflect on our first year. Since our inauguration in November 2012, we've had many ups and some downs (the downs being things beyond our control - meetings cancelled due to extreme weather, and personal loss that we've all shared). But on the whole it's been a busy and enjoyable year. We all gave ourselves a bit of a pat on the back actually (sorry if that sounds sickening!) because we do feel that we've hit the ground running as a WI and, most importantly, lots of lovely people have joined us and we're now a very varied and nice, sociable group - if we do say so ourselves. Anyway, enough patting ourselves on the back...

After lunch, we had our last workshop in the hall for this year - making cute felt Christmas decorations. Here are some pictures from the day.

Then in November, we were officially one year old and so, of course, instead of just having our usual meeting we had to mark the occasion with a bit of a treat and a celebration. We were let loose from the church hall, and gathered together in Harrogate for a day out at The Knitting and Stitching Show - an event already loved and visited many times by some of our members, and so "What larks!" we imagined if we could all go there together! We had a fab time - as anybody who's been to this event will know, it never disappoints. If you're into doing things with fabric or yarn, or both, it's an absolute stuffed-to-bursting treasure trove, almost too much for your eyes to take in! As there was quite a big group of us, and it does get a bit, ahem, 'competitive' around some of the stalls, we did have to split up into smaller groups to tour around it. We managed to reconvene in the beautiful Royal Hall for lunch though, and as usual drew lots of attention to ourselves by insisting on a photo call with the central knitted Nativity! When we'd walked our legs off and emptied our purses, we all headed on to Pizza Express for our 1st birthday meal. Wishing a Happy Birthday to all of us, and a big thank you to Debbie for bringing along a lovely birthday cake.

Our favourites, Luc Smiers and his lovely mum on their amazing stall, Fine French Lace from The Netherlands
This guy's quite useful too - yummy chocolate from Linden Lady


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