Wednesday, 25 September 2013

What a fabulous summer... part one - our July meeting

Hello! We're back again to share all the news from our summer meetings. Our July 27th meeting offered the genius combination of copious amounts of cheese followed by lavish amounts of wine. OH YES. We were visited by the lovely ladies from Haley & Clifford, the fantastic local delicatessen. Val Berry, the owner, gave us a fascinating talk about their business, and we were really impressed by their obvious passion for good food and drink and, most importantly, the support they give to local Yorkshire producers. They had also brought an array of delicious cheeses for us to taste, although it was more than a nibble for most of us - it was very difficult to deny the urge to grab everything in sight! A big thank you goes to the wonderful Haley & Clifford for entertaining us and feeding us.

After cheese... Of course there must be wine, and we laid on our very own wine tasting spectacular. Kudos is due to Debbie and Kate for using their ingenuity and combining the experience of a wine tasting ex-boyfriend and a big shopping trip to Majestic Wines into one amazingly successful wine tasting event! Debbie had even done a quiz. It probably won't surprise you to learn that this was a very popular and jovial event. I left at 6 o'clock, and looked over my shoulder to see everyone mingling, glass in hand, like they were just settling down for a night in da club! Here are some pictures of the fun.

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