Thursday, 1 August 2013

A late report on our June meeting! Life coaching, afternoon tea and bunting...

Oops... I've somehow let a long month go by before getting round to reporting on the happenings at our 29th June meeting. I don't know where the time has gone, I must have been too busy enjoying the sunshine (can that be considered an excuse?!) But seriously, consider my wrists slapped and I'll get back to it.

Speaking of needing to sort your life out :-) the guest speaker at our June meeting was just the ticket! We were joined by Tilla Brook, who is a life coach with masses of experience of working with individuals, groups and companies in a range of areas from personal development to organisational leadership and everything in between. Tilla gave us an introductory talk on what mentoring and life coaching can achieve, and was also kind enough to lead us in a little mini-session on 'Saboteurs, gremlins and limiting beliefs' (i.e. the horrible little monsters that lurk inside our heads and cause us all kinds of bother - yes, I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about!)

The session was extremely interesting and enlightening, and a lot of our members wanted to find out more about Tilla's work afterwards (by the way, Tilla's website is jam-packed with useful information). A big thank you goes to Tilla for generously giving us her time and expertise, and for introducing us to our gremlins!

We then decided that our gremlins deserved a little sustenance (you know, butter them up!) and dragged them off to our usual shared lunch, only this month was extra special with a bit of a summer afternoon tea theme going on. Very nice...

After our hearty feed of home made scones we were ready to sew. Our workshop this month was making lots of lovely bunting, continuing the summer theme of our lunch. I'll sign off with some pictures of all the fun. Xx


  1. I loved meeting you all and showing you how your gremlins and limiting beliefs can rob you of your power to be the amazing women you are. Happy to come back any time you like.

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