Friday, 26 April 2013

Meeting tomorrow... needles needed!

The Design Studio

We'll be meeting tomorrow at St John's at 11am and, do you know, it will be our first meeting of the year without snow! How uplifting. We've grown so accustomed to braving that freezing church hall, we won't know ourselves when we can actually remove our coats before the meeting's end.

And what goodies do we have in store for you? Well, it's all about needles tomorrow, of one kind or another... (I can explain the mysterious title of this post now, sometimes I just can't resist a terrible pun as you'll see!) The acupuncture therapist, Jane Wilcox, will be joining us for the meeting and giving us a talk. She's promised to enlighten us on how the principles and practice of acupuncture can improve our health all round. Then, after our shared lunch, Audrey Wilson - knitting tutor and designer - will lead our knitting workshop. All levels of experience are welcome, Audrey will provide tuition for beginners, and those who are able will be knitting blanket squares. You can see Audrey's pattern on her blog here:

As some of you may know, we have adopted a local charitable cause, CIC (Community Integrated Care) who run a small residential care home for people with special needs, on Carr Manor Road. Since we made our Christmas wreaths back in November, each month we have aimed to make something at our workshops to donate to our friends at the CIC home, so this month's knitting workshop provides an opportunity to put our knitted squares together and provide a patchwork blanket or two - although I do hope that we have a few members who are better and quicker knitters than I am, they'd be waiting a long time for me to finish a blanket!

So, there you have it for tomorrow - if you'll be joining us you just need a pair of 4mm knitting needles and some yarn if you have them, but plenty of spare supplies will also be available to anyone who needs them.

Hope to see you all xx

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