Friday, 26 April 2013

Meeting tomorrow... needles needed!

The Design Studio

We'll be meeting tomorrow at St John's at 11am and, do you know, it will be our first meeting of the year without snow! How uplifting. We've grown so accustomed to braving that freezing church hall, we won't know ourselves when we can actually remove our coats before the meeting's end.

And what goodies do we have in store for you? Well, it's all about needles tomorrow, of one kind or another... (I can explain the mysterious title of this post now, sometimes I just can't resist a terrible pun as you'll see!) The acupuncture therapist, Jane Wilcox, will be joining us for the meeting and giving us a talk. She's promised to enlighten us on how the principles and practice of acupuncture can improve our health all round. Then, after our shared lunch, Audrey Wilson - knitting tutor and designer - will lead our knitting workshop. All levels of experience are welcome, Audrey will provide tuition for beginners, and those who are able will be knitting blanket squares. You can see Audrey's pattern on her blog here:

As some of you may know, we have adopted a local charitable cause, CIC (Community Integrated Care) who run a small residential care home for people with special needs, on Carr Manor Road. Since we made our Christmas wreaths back in November, each month we have aimed to make something at our workshops to donate to our friends at the CIC home, so this month's knitting workshop provides an opportunity to put our knitted squares together and provide a patchwork blanket or two - although I do hope that we have a few members who are better and quicker knitters than I am, they'd be waiting a long time for me to finish a blanket!

So, there you have it for tomorrow - if you'll be joining us you just need a pair of 4mm knitting needles and some yarn if you have them, but plenty of spare supplies will also be available to anyone who needs them.

Hope to see you all xx

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

March meeting update... who cares about snow, when you've got chocolate?!

Despite the huge amount of snow we had to contend with (again!), we were determined to go ahead with last month's meeting and chocolate making workshop. Kate L and Mark (Debbie's husband) were very selfless and thoughtful and spent an hour in the morning digging out part of the car park, to make it safe for people arriving (and Mark... not even a WI member, and a man to boot! Wasn't that nice of him?) Sadly, Malcolm the caretaker had been snowed in and the heating hadn't been turned on (I'm saying nothing...), so the usually cold hall was even colder, probably the same temperature as the car park! But the Darling Roses huddled in and made the best of it. Once everyone had battled through the snow, we got the meeting under way and there was a lot to catch up on. In the previous meeting, Maureen had requested more extra-curricular activities. Well, ask and your wish will be granted! Debbie has excelled herself and been a very busy bee. For starters, she has organised:
  1. An evening at Cook (at the Moortown Corner shops on Harrogate Road), 7-9pm on Wednesday 1st May. We will be tasting a number of dishes with a cheeky glass of wine, with up to 30% discount available on their range of delicious prepared meals.
  2. A trip to the West Yorkshire Playhouse Wardrobe Department at 6pm on Wednesday 29th May (20 visitors max.) Free run of the department, yes we will be dressing up and taking pictures!
  3. A tour of the private members' library, The Leeds Library at 10.30am on Saturday 8th June. It's a beautiful institution, and usually only open to members so we're very lucky (I'm told the Head Librarian will be expecting cake).
Additionally, we're booking a number of speakers to come along to our meetings, so look out for further updates on that. Our next speaker is an acupuncturist who will be joining us at our meeting on Saturday 27th April.

To get back to our March meeting, after the formalities, and of course the usual over-the-top food fest that is our shared lunch, everyone finally felt warm enough - sort of - to start the workshop and make a huge chocolatey mess. Debbie ran through the basics of preparation and demonstrated how to create simple chocolate drops and how to make truffles. Everyone had kindly donated something to the workshop share table, so once recipes had been chosen and ingredients collected, we were off melting, pouring, embellishing and eating the odd one or two (just for quality checking of course). Here are a few photos from the day.

Finally, thank you to all of our amazing members who came along despite the horrendous weather and made some beautiful chocolates for themselves, and were even kind enough to donate some to the local charity we've adopted. Also, a very big welcome to all of the ladies who joined us for the first time. It was lovely to see some new faces.

Hope to see you all again at our knitting workshop on Saturday 27th April, bye for now xx

p.s. thank you to Debbie for providing the words to update on the March meeting, your blog editor was helping at another event on the day (a school Spring Family Walk that turned into Snowbound pie 'n' peas in the hall!)