Thursday, 14 March 2013

Coming soon - Handmade Chocolates on March 23rd

Our next meeting day is approaching quickly, and the workshop's a goody... we'll be making chocolates, yum yum! We will be providing all the chocolate, and it would be wonderful if everyone coming along could bring a supply of an ingredient to pop on the share table, e.g. walnuts, pistachio nuts, hazelnuts, pecan nuts, chopped nuts (any nuts really!), cherries and other fruits, sprinkles and edible decorations, violets, roses etc...

We'll also be providing various moulds, but if you have some of your own, please do bring them along to help create your own personalised chocolates. Remember, all sorts of things can be used as chocolate moulds - rubber and silicone ice cube trays and cake cases, and even paper cake cases for that matter. If you fancy buying some of your own moulds for the job, places like Poundland and Poundstretcher are always a good cheap bet, and also the supermarkets (I've just seen a range of Easter things in Asda that included Easter Egg moulds).

We will also be making truffles on the day, so if you like 'em boozy you may want to bring some of your favourite tipples.

Could you please also bring along a suitable container to transport your artisan chocolates home in. A pinny would be a good idea too - things might get messy!

We're really looking forward to seeing you all there. xx

P.s. as always, it would be great if you could confirm if you'll be coming, either on facebook or by posting a comment here. Thank you!

Monday, 4 March 2013

February meeting update... a whole lotta cushions!

We did it. We finally managed to have a meeting in 2013, hurrah! This time it didn't snow (well, it sort of tried to snow, but not enough to stop us). We wished each other Happy New Year (!) and sat down to run through our meeting agenda. We had a lot of general catching up to do, in terms of running through what we've got planned for the coming year (you can click on our Events Calendar in the right sidebar to find out more), and we also shared what's been coming through from our local Federation and the WI nationally on the many events, initiatives and campaigns that the WI runs (such as the 'More Midwives' campaign, the recently launched 'Great Food Debate' and the new resolution on saving our high streets and town centres - to be voted on at the national AGM in June).

We had guests, Edith Cheesborough from the West Yorkshire Federation (who's been helping us through our WI infancy from the start) and Hayley Mills-Styles also joined us in her role as WI Trainee Advisor. Hayley is very active within the Federation and is also a founding member and Treasurer of Buns and Roses WI, based in Leeds city centre, so she very kindly agreed to give us a little talk on her WI experiences, and shared some tips on keeping our WI happy and healthy.

We then took a break to gorge ourselves on the plentiful food that our ladies bring along every time, including lots of lovingly home-made creations. No offence to anything not home-made - I myself brought prepared Tesco salads, they were 'Finest' though! Maureen's pie was stupendous, and Debbie's florentines... I could have eaten 10 (and I probably did, come to think of it).

After the foodfest, we then got down to the business of making cushions. Jayne talked us through the how-to bit, and showed us a few she'd prepared earlier (I'm trying to stop myself saying she'd make a good Blue Peter presenter, but there, I've said it now!) And then we were off... many thanks also to Maia Daguerre and Ann James, members who probably came along to make themselves a cushion, but then selflessly supported others with their sewing expertise. I'll leave you with some pictures from the day.

That's all for now, please come back soon for news of our next meeting on Saturday 23rd March. The workshop will be Handmade Chocolates... drool. xx