Tuesday, 11 December 2012

We're official!! Plus a look at our Christmas wreath making - Saturday 24th November

Hello! It's time (actually way past time) we updated you on what exactly went down at our last meeting. It was, in fact, a momentous day because it was the day that we became.... wait for it... an official branch of the Women's Institute! To mark the occasion, here is a picture of the very moment that our President, Debbie (El Presidente as I like to call her), signed our copy of the constitution.

(A big thank you to Ann Jopson for the pic.)
Phew... certain words come to mind. Momentous. We. Were. There. etc. Hang on a minute, is that Maureen nodding off on the right?!!

I'm joking! It was another lovely meeting, and we were a bit excited and giddy because now we're 'real', and people can actually officially join us. This excitement was nicely topped off by our Christmas wreath making workshop.

Jayne kindly shared some ideas and techniques for making wreaths using fabrics, ribbons, paper and Christmas decorations.

Whilst Tif also shared some tips for making wreaths using foliage.

Everyone seemed to become completely absorbed in making their wreaths. It was fab, a very enjoyable, creative afternoon.

I'll leave you with a peek at the fruits of our labour. While you're looking at them, just imagine that the music from the Gallery in Take Hart is playing... (if you're old enough to remember it!)

That wraps it up. Thank you to everyone who came, we do hope you enjoyed it. Thank you to Jayne and Tif for their creative efforts in leading the workshop, thank you to everyone who provided masses of foliage, materials, decorations and bits and bobs, thank you to everyone who joined in the mass clean-up (yes, it was good, but wow, the mess afterwards!) and a final thank you to Helena Harrington and Edith Cheesbrough for coming along and welcoming us officially into the WI.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year xx

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  1. liked the blog pictures great merry christmas to everyone from Barbara