Thursday, 15 November 2012

Deck the halls... Christmas wreath making on Saturday 24th November 2012

Hello to all you budding Darling Roses! If this is the first time you've visited our blog, you're very welcome. We're going to tell you all about our next meeting and the crafty workshop to follow it, and it would be really nice if you would confirm if you'll be coming along using the 'Leave a comment...' link at the bottom of this post. Please do! That way we can use this blog to communicate with you all, and it will really help us to plan for our meetings and workshops.

On Saturday 24th November we will be officially inaugurated as a WI branch (hurrah!!) and that means we will all be able to join the Women's Institute on the day. The annual membership costs £33, and it will run until the end of 2013, so starting our group at this time of year means that we're all getting some extra free meetings in 2012 - bargain!

We're very excited about our Christmas wreath making workshop that will follow the meeting. A couple of our committee members, Jayne and Tiff, will be sharing their artistic talents and demonstrating some options using greenery, or the more permanent fabric-based type. We'll have lots of materials laid out if you fancy trying out your own ideas as well. We will be supplying the wreath bases, floristry wire and other basic equipment needed, and the workshop will cost £5 (as with all of our workshops, we're trying to keep the charge minimal to cover materials and hall hire).

Anything we're all able to bring along to prettify our wreaths would be a great help. In terms of greenery, we've already got offers to bring in holly, ivy etc... but if you have greenery to spare please bring it in! Any foliage with berries would be spectacular (does anyone have the elusive mistletoe?!), pine cones, anything in your garden that would look good on a wreath basically... use your imagination!

In terms of the fabric wreaths, if you have anything suitable please bring ribbons / pretty fabric strips, felt, baubles (big or small), other Christmas decorations... again, anything that you think will look good.

When you leave your comment below, you can also tell us now if you'd prefer to make a foliage or fabric-based option, if you have a strong preference. We've had to order wreath bases already, so please be aware it will be first come first served (i.e. there will be a limited number of mossed bases available for green wreaths).

(Which reminds me, as blog author - can I bag a green one now please?!)

Finally, we will be having a shared lunch again, between the meeting and the workshop. As a guide, we'd say whatever you decide to bring along to share, it's enough to bring about as much as you'd normally eat yourself, plus a little bit extra.

So, a short final recap:
  1. Please let us know if you're coming by leaving a comment here.
  2. If you know what you'd like to do now - foliage or fabric - also let us know here (first come, first served, but don't worry, there will be more wreath bases than people so everyone will be able to do something on the day!)
  3. Please bring along whatever you can add to our supplies - greenery, ribbons, baubles etc
  4. If you'll be handling greenery, bring your garden gloves to protect your little mitts!
Bye for now x


  1. I'll be there! Looking forward to it already.


  2. I'll be there with bells on. I will do a fabric wreath. Dx

  3. Oh yes, didn't say. I'd like to do a fabric wreath :-)

  4. Me and zoey will be there! We would both like to do a fabric wreath please :) x

  5. Hi I've just spoke to Maureen, she would like to do a foliage wreath and she can bring along some baubles and other Christmas decorations.

  6. Hi, I'll be away this weekend, so sorry, I'm gutted to miss this one as I was really looking forward to it. Please save me a membership form though! Have fun on Saturday girls xxx

  7. Sounds fantastic. Can't wait.

    See you Saturday

    Em x

  8. Fabric wreath please x

  9. yes im coming would like to do fabric

  10. Hello! I'll be there, I'd like to do a foliage wreath but happy whatever.. Excited about doing a few extra for cheering up the residential homes too!

  11. Hi, sorry I can't make those fingers..ouch...:-)

  12. Hello ladies,
    Sorry I missed wreath making, when is the next? Also as I missed the meeting I haven't got the paperwork to be an official WI member, should I wait until the next meeting to sort this out? Feel free to email me anything through if you want me to complete it in advance.

  13. Hi Lauren, I'll soon (very soon I promise!) be updating the blog. The next meeting is on Saturday 29th December - we're planning a nice, relaxed post-Christmas get-together for that one, with a 'craft amnesty' (i.e. bring anything you want to work on!)
    I'll email you a membership form too. xx

  14. Hi Andrea, that is great thank you. Let me know if you need my email address :)